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APCOM supports public sector Design, Print and Communication operations.  

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 APCOM - Association of Print and Communication Managers

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What we do

01Support for your business

Whilst we are all different and work in many different ways we are non the less facing the same challanges. If you need any help then you have only to ask and the members will do their best. It could be a technical issue, maybe you need that widgit, or you are facing yet another review. Use the forums or if its a sensitive issue PM an Excec member and someone is sure to get in touch with you.


We benchmark our services, costs, salaries, waste etc against ourselves and other public and commercal sector design / print organisations.

03Training and Networking

We offer several training days throughout the year. These are usually offered free of charge to members. The annual conference will focus on a key issue or challange facing us all. As well as these APCOM exclusive events, our sponsors will usually offer addional events that that will focus on their technology and how is can support your operation.

All these events offer excellent to network with APCOM members, sponsors and other print proffesionals.

04And finally, its all about you!!!

For APCOM to achieve its objectives then it needs all its members to contribute.

If you have an idea that worked, share it, shout about it. Likewise maybe something didn't work so well, warn us, let us learn from your mistakes (we all make them), we promise we won't laugh.

We publish newsletters at least twice a year and are always looking for interesting content or maybe you would like to add an artical to our website. Please let us have your ideas.


You don't have to be a member of APCOM to access the site, however members have access to additional areas and information.

If you work in the public sector and wish to apply to become an APCOM member click below.

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