About Us


APCOM is an organisation for print and communication managers employed within the UK public sector. Founded in October 1979 by Printing Managers for Printing Managers (formally known as AIM Association of In-Plant Managers). In April 2000 the Association changed its name to APCOM largely to reflect changing times and a membership which not only includes print managers but design, communication, IT and business managers.

Membership is drawn from Local Authorities, Police Authorities, other Public Bodies, including Emergency Services, Schools, Universities, Charities, and Central Government, with digital copier type facilities to the larger litho print operations.

Mission Statement

APCOM aims to provide an environment that supports personal development and organisational success. We do this by providing the environment and opportunities for networking, education, self-development, and the exchange of ideas and information.”

What do we do?

The broad aims of the association are:

  • Provide managers with the opportunity to
  • benchmark against the industry as a whole and each other
  • share knowledge and expertise and meet others in the industry
  • develop management skills and techniques
  • exchange ideas and information
  • develop, establish and share best practice

Constantly adapting to the challenges of the public sector and responding to members, the association organises: regular training sessions

  • seminars
  • master classes
  • supplier visits


Strategic Direction

We aim to preserve and improve innovation and develop links with strategic partners.
As a national representative for members, we will maintain and increase value by:

  • Maintaining and attracting new quality membership to the association.
  • Retain the current level of high quality strategic partnership.

We will achieve this by providing ready access to our talent, knowledge and services, enabling businesses to network opportunities for members where innovation and development are the key focus. This will hopefully increase the skill and experience levels of members and contribute to the growth and strength of the industry.
We will also develop further links with similar associations, in the UK and internationally as part of our aim to boost growth and prosperity for the association and membership as a whole.


How to apply

If you are not a member yet then becoming a member will provide you with a support network that can help you deliver real added value to your organisation, membership is justified for the available training alone. For you the most powerful reason for becoming a member is the verified public sector and nationwide bench marking that is available. For more on this subject click here Apply