Forum Areas

The forums are a great way of using APCOM to consult, share and help all APCOM members. We have a number of forum areas. You can ask for some help on a technical problem, offer services to members, buy services from members, share your successes, ideas and worries.

Your Business

Need some help with your structure, job evaluation, job descriptions, production, sharing ideas, breaking down barriers etc. Click here Your Business 


Looking for that specialised service, obscure product, or maybe you want to sell your services to your fellow member. Click here Services


We are all under pressure to evidence we are providing value for money. Do you want to support on prices, services, costs? Click here Benchmarking


Looking for some new printing equipment, an upgrade, maintenance, spare parts, or maybe you need some help getting it to work. Click here Equipment


For those IT issues and advice. Maybe you need a new MIS, help with a technical problem on your Apple Mac, maybe you need some support with your Variable Data system. Click here Software


None of the above. Suggestions for the web site can go here. Maybe you know someone who would like to sponsor us. Suggestions for future events? General

General Notes.

The forums are not moderated. Whilst we do have access controls in place there is always the chance something goes wrong. If you notice spam or inappropriate material please email us from the contacts page or telephone an Exec member. The issue will then be dealt with.